Comes From Nothing

by Stillborn Identity featuring Baker

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From Cody:

"In early 2012 (or maybe it was late 2011) I was on a local radio station (88.3) talking about being a DIY rapper or whatever. I talked about tours I've been on/was going on, booking shows in Pittsburgh, some other crap, and spit a verse off my (at the time) upcoming release. After the interview there was a call for me on the radio station's phone, it was DJ Spaed DJ telling me he liked me stuff and wanted to give me a beat. A few months later he did.

June of 2012 Baker and I went on a tour through New England. I was kind of hobo-ing it up at the time, just working odd jobs and playing a lot of shows. So needless to say I was going into this tour broke as fuck. We had two days off in Boston and crashed with HW and DJ Emoh Betta. HW and Emoh worked while Baker went on dates with some girl he hadn't seen in years, leaving me alone at the house to drink Narragansett and watch the Mexico Trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico for those not in the know). Once I watched all three movies, was out of beer, money, and beer money I decided to take a stab at the beat Spead had sent me months prior and cranked the first verse out.

14 months later I didn't know what I wanted to do with the second verse still. It wasn't until after Baker and I went on another tour through New England in 2013 and he told me about quitting his job but not really giving a fuck that I decided he should be the one to end the song. Within a few days he wrote his verse and was ready to record.

However he doesn't have anywhere to record in Youngstown, OH, and it wasn't until January of 2014 that we finally got a chance to record this together in Connect's studio.

Within a week or so Connect sent the track back mastered, EQ'ed, all that. Baker and I didn't know what to do with the track though, so we found some compilation in the mid-west that was accepting songs and submitted it there. We've been waiting until they "officially" release it to share this, but we're starting to wonder if the compilation was some sort of scam. So we just decided to put it on soundcloud.

So fuck it., here's the song that took me over two years to write and release. And if you actually read all this lemme know! Otherwise I'll just say something vulgar and irrelevant next time to get your attention and save the 10 minutes of my life it took me to write this status."


released April 4, 2014
Beat by DJ Spaed
Words by Cody Jones and Nick Baker



all rights reserved


Baker Youngstown, Ohio

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